Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13.0 Autograph,Roger Federer
The personal racket of a 20x major champion, the Pro Staff RF97 v13 delivers premium performance and sleek design fit for a legend. Featuring the same specifications and composition as its predecessor, this racket caters to avid Roger Federer and Pro Staff fans by maintaining the signature precision and pure feel emblematic of the Pro Staff series. Racket design sports black elastic base, exposed carbon fiber weave with gloss finish at the tip above the 3 & 9, and two-toned pinstripes along the throat with a modern font treatment.

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* Price : $359.95 strung to order, no cover provided
  • Braided Graphite composition delivers a pure, consistent feel
  • Roger Federer's personal racket
  • Heavy composition ideal for advanced players with experience swinging substantial frames
  • All-new design maintains sleek look with black elastic base, exposed carbon fiber weave with gloss finish at the tip and grey/silver pinstripes along the throat

* Head size: 626cm2 / 97"

* Frame weight: 340g / 12oz

* Frame length: 685mm / 27"

* Frame balance: 305mm / 12 Pts HL

* Swingweight: 322

* Stiffness: 67

* Beam width:21.5mm Flat Beam

* String pattern: 16 x 19

* Grip:

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